lolaslittlelife-deactivated2013 asked
Hey, Soren. I discovered Cracked a little over two years ago, and you've been my favourite columnist since then. I've read almost every one of your entries on the site, and they've helped me laugh myself to sleep every night. BUT lately, it just seems that something is missing from your writing. Less effort, maybe. Am I wrong? Or has my Eighth Grade Boyfriend lost his flair? :(

I appreciate the kind words. To answer your question, nope! I’m still writing totally awesome things. That’s weird that it’s showing up differently on your computer. Maybe it has a virus or something. Or maybe you were in a car accident? I don’t really know. These are just guesses. Whatever it is, I hope you get better soon, and that you don’t have a blood clot or anything.

Your pal,